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Classification And Surface Treatment To Crease Steel Pipes

Straight crease steel pipe is an overall term for high-recurrence straight crease…

Straight crease steel pipe is an overall term for high-recurrence straight crease, lowered bend straight crease, electric welded straight crease, pipeline straight crease, and so forth High-recurrence straight crease steel pipe (ERW steel pipe) utilizes the skin impact of high-recurrence current to produce high temperature and outer power at the two closures of the steel plate in a brief time frame Squeeze, this is a genuine base metal butt without anodes. Utilizing hot-moved curls as crude materials, the divider thickness of ERW high-recurrence straight crease steel lines can be controlled to about ±0.2mm. The finish of the steel pipe receives the American APL standard or GB/T9711.1 standard. The line end is cut and the passing on length is fixed. Lately, in flammable gas pipeline network undertakings and petroleum gas ventures,

Longitudinal crease steel pipe regularly alludes to the twofold sided lowered circular segment straight crease steel pipe created by JCOE. It receives JCOE cold framing measure. The welding crease utilizes welding wire and motion. It is called lowered bend welding straight crease steel pipe. The fundamental creation measure is adaptable lowered bend welding straight crease steel pipe Seam steel lines can deliver discretionary determinations and divider thicknesses between 325 mm and 1420 mm, which extraordinarily meets the world’s steel pipe size norms, while high-recurrence straight crease steel pipes are normally utilized for interior detail creation.

Significant distance oil and gas pipelines are a significant method to guarantee energy. In the counter consumption development cycle of oil and gas pipelines, the surface treatment of straight crease steel pipes is one of the key factors that decide the counter erosion administration life of the pipeline. It is the reason of whether the counter erosion covering can be immovably joined with the steel pipe. Examination has shown that the assistance life of the counter consumption covering relies upon the covering. Layer type, covering quality and development climate, the impact of surface treatment of straight crease steel pipe on the existence of against erosion covering is about half. In this manner, the surface treatment strategies for steel lines ought to be ceaselessly investigated and summed up as per the prerequisites of the counter erosion covering determinations on the outside of steel pipes.

  1. The cleaning of straight crease steel pipes utilizes solvents and emulsions to clean the steel surface to eliminate oil, oil, residue, oils and comparative natural matter, yet it can’t eliminate oxide scale, rust on the steel surface, transition, and so on, and must be utilized as against erosion creation Auxiliary methods.
  2. In the event that the steel surface is solidly connected to the iron oxide scale, its rust expulsion impact isn’t ideal, and it can’t meet the necessities of hostile to consumption development for securing molecule profundity. Straight crease steel pipe rust evacuation devices fundamentally use wire brushes and different devices to clean the steel surface. Manual rust evacuation can arrive at SA2 level, and force device rust expulsion can arrive at SA3 level, which can eliminate free or raised oxide scale, rust, and welding slag. Stand by.
  3. The pickling of straight crease steel pipes is for the most part treated by synthetic and electrolytic strategies, which can be utilized as reprocessing in the wake of sandblasting and rust expulsion. Albeit synthetic cleaning can make the surface spotless and harsh in a limited way, its securing particles are generally shallow. It is not difficult to make contamination the climate. Pipeline anticorrosion must be treated with synthetic pickling, which can eliminate oxide scaleScience Articles, rust and old coatings.

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